Collecting Information


Welcome to my website!!

Why an own homepage?

There are many things that I find fascinating in life and worth telling other people. So I'm sharing information and knowledge with the world. This basic principle of open source is what I've learned to use for myself during the last years. I really want to participate in this structure of sharing and taking of information.

What do you find here?

I try to provide you a variety of "things" that are my own work or that I find worth sharing with you. You'll find much to do with music, which is playing a great role in my life. I've finally finished writing detailed comments on every song of me! If you're interested, take some time and read my thoughts about my songs. Find out why I've named my songs this or that way and what inspired my to play each of my songs. You'll find that stuff by clicking on the appropriate name of the album in the menu on the left side.

There is also some more technical information I want to share, like the organisation of digital images or some thoughts and hints about open source and free software, especially in the Linux world.

How is the site made?

This site is made with the help of the content management system (CMS) gpEasy. I was desperately trying to find a CMS as lightweight as possible but still having a certain minimum of features that I can use, like a blog system etc.


Have fun looking around!