Quickly send text message to TV via Dreambox

7/14/2010 | Comments: 6

I own a Dreambox DM 800 HD which is capable of sending messages to the TV via the provided web interface. If you don't want to make all the mouse clicks and wait all the time until everything is loaded, just type into your browser address line:


text=somemessage is the text to send

type=0 refers to the type of the message (info, warning...)

timeout=5 causes the message to be displayed for 5 seconds


jimmy   1/ 8/2011

How to Create a Dreambox JTag Cable Tutorial + DM500 Files

ada   11/ 3/2011

the DM800SE,DM500HD,DM8000 is available now

kaka   11/ 3/2011

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summer   3/18/2016

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